Decentralized production of renewable energy

We think that the future is in the decentralized production of renewable energy.

We plan to develop, install and manage together with local partners sustainable energy alternatives. Renewable energy, Clean Technologies and Smart Grids are core components to help local communities and companies improve the energy situation.

We thereby not only improve the ecological side, but also make sure that the impact on stakeholders is reduced and profit is generated. Our center of geographic scope lies primarily in emerging economies and developing countries, currently in South America and the Middle East. Here, the current energy system is based primarily on fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal). Electricity produced in hydro-plants are currently the biggest renewably energy source. However, this accounts for a small amount of total energy consumed. In addition to being pollutant, fossil energies usually have the huge disadvantage of benefitting mostly central governments and not the local communities.

Whilst we don't expect national energy systems to change overnight, we're committed to assist societies to attend their energy needs in a different manner, limiting impact on the environment and local societies.

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